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Live your dream don´t dream your life

_kurenai_ is the color of your dreams

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Welcome to a community, a role playing one at that, which is a Jrock rpg, AU of course. Please look around and feel free to join, but take a look at the rules, because yes, we do have some. The moderators of this role play are Yochan (Die) and Dai (Kyo). If you need to contact us, please feel free to do so, especially if you have any questions or concerns. Have fun ^ ^

The rules (yes we have some)
1. This is an yaoi friendly RP.Its a non AU Jrock roleplay.

2. Have a separate journal for each character and mark it clearly as a roleplay journal in the user info.

3. You must have access to AIM as most roleplaying will take place here.

4. OOC comments should be put in (( .......)), since we dont want any confusion ^__^.

5. Do not do anything to another person's character without their permission or consent first.

6. Please update your characters journal at least every 2 weeks. If you cannot update because of special reason like a broken pc, moving, etc please try to contact the mods and tell them.

7. You are alowed to only claim a maximum of 2 characters per person.

8. No suicides please. You are alowed to play the j-rocker the way you like him/her/it xD;; but you arent allowed to kill the person, where is the fun on claiming someone if you just kill them?

9. Please RESPECT each other. If you have a problem try to please solve it in a conversation. Muns should not fight each other. This takes all the fun away.

10. Dead musician such like Kami, hide etc. can be claimed just don´t roleplay them as angels , ghosts etc. We would like to keep the roleplay as real as possible, no fiction please.


After creating a roleplay journal and joining the community please post the folowing application:
Jrocker's name:
Jrocker´s band:
Jrocker's AIM SN:
Jrocker's journal adress:

Again, if there are any questions or help needed don´t hesistate to contact the mods. Please do not take the banner, or hack the codes for the community journal, nor take the layout image. Thank you. Graphics were made by ____tainted.

Thank you for joining and have fun roleplaying.
~Yochan~ & ~Dai~

The Members

Dir en grey
Die - kurenaidai - [Desperate Yochan]
Kaoru- kao_kao_kaoru - [diru no kaoru]
Kyo - x_zomboid_x - [x x X kagyaku]
Toshiya - chi_no_aoi - [xxtainted bluexx]
Shinya - devine_elegance - [underageexposure]

Masa - masa_kun05 - [DeityofTIme9]

Lin Clver
Ren- shallealerilla - [xvxsavvyxvx]

Moi dix Mois
Mana- mana_forbidden - [mana0sama]

Plastic Tree
Ryutarou - silent_ryuu - [nigai amai hime]

Yoshiki- hayashiyoshiki - [Desperate Yochan]

Gackt - _gacchan_ - [ancientvampiru]
Miyavi- ishihara_takama - [nigai amai hime]
Atsushi- black_catsushi - [dark cAtsushi]
Sugizo- le_petit_fou - [Sugizo le fou]