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Masa: Masa grinned as he thought he saw someone he knew and would surprise them so he snuck up behind the person and pounced them lightly. "Oops sorry" he said lightly feeling dumb when he sees the person wasn’t whom he thought it was and just got innocently pounced

Ryutarou: Ryuutarou had been minding his business this whole month..No one ever really talked to him or cared to. Suddenly feeling someone lightly bump into him as it would be said ``a pounce`` he jumped a bit startled. Looking over he had seen a somewhat familiar face, but no one he cold say he knew for certain.

Masa: Masa smiled lightly as he looked down at the ground. Boy did he feel dumb that’s what he gets for trying to be sneaky and winded up pouncing a innocent person "I'm so sorry" Says in a light whisper

Ryutarou: Looking down as well Ryuu bowed lightly "It's all right...." Was I mistaken for someone else?" he said with a slight smile. Looking around at his surroundings Ryuu was never really one for conversation or being found walking the streets of Japan. He usually drove places so he felt a bit odd.

Masa: Laughs lightly as he broke the tension between the two slightly "Hai sorry about that but hey now you can say you were pounced today by some random stranger on the street"

Ryutarou: Ryuu gently flushed. " I guess so...Accidents happen...heh, no need to be sorry.." Ryutarou gently looked down again. "By the way have I seen you somewhere before.. you look familiar.., My name is Ryutarou." He said gently in a light hush of a voice.

Masa: "I don’t think I have met you somewhere before...My name is Masa its a pleasure to meet you Ryutarou" he said lightly with a small smile playing across his face as he spoke softly

Ryutarou: "Hmm...It sounds familiar... Are you in the music business to by chance?" Ryuutarou asked lightly. He was not aware of to many other bands and what not unless it was one he had met before. Never the less if they weren’t Jrock. A bit uncomfortable as he always was Ryuu lightly itched his arm and leaned against the side of the building they were near.

Masa: Nods lightly as he looked at the other guy in front of him "hai I'm in a band called Gackt Job I'm one of the guitarist" he says softly not really comfortable with standing on the street talking because there's always those rude people that love to cut in or listen or just plain out bump into him and act as if he was never there but he just stands there with a smile on his face trying to make the other man feel comfortable with him a little bit more

Ryutarou: Ryuutarou nodded lightly. "ahhh...hai, hai. I know of you. I am the vocal in a band called" Ryuutarou had trouble pronouncing his own bands name seeing it was an English name. Trying to sound out the words Plastic Tree it ended up instead as Puraturi.

Masa: "plastic tree hai I've heard of it" *nods lightly*

Ryutarou: Nodding gently Ryuu had kept a smile on his face. Had being sick for a while now he really had to get to the studio to work on at least something. Looking back at Masa he bowed lightly saying. "Gomen...I’m sorry but I do have to get going.....Hopefully I’ll see you around again some time..? "

Masa: "hai hopefully" Masa nodded lightly as he looked at his watch "oh shit I have to go also Gackt's going to kill me late for work he c'ya" waves as he walks off and gets lost in the crowd of people

Ryutarou:Ryuutarou gently bowed saying a short, very childish, "Ja ne!" As he gently walked off to work.
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