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Shinya & Miyavi MEET! fear the fan girlsXD

Miyavi found himself walking down the street to his favorite restaurant this morning....He wasn`t feeling himself and frankly was still tired from lack of sleep. As he looked down at his feet he continued walking and thinking to himself. why have things been so dull lately... finding himself in front of the stir fry joint he slowly entered watching his reflection in the glass door. Looking around in the dim restaurant he simply went to the counter ordering what he wanted and went to the back of the restaurant to sit down. Miyavi was never one to really enjoy sitting in front of a place for all people to see.

Shinya was sitting all alone, at a dark table in the corner of the restaurant. His head was tilted downwards, maybe trying not to be seen, several beer bottles lay around him and a half filled bowl of noodles. He had rested his elbows on the table and his forehead in his hands. His gaze travled upwards and latched onto Miyavi, who looked very familliar. Shinyas eyes were wide, pulpils dialated from a lot of alcohol consumption.

Miyavi sat still as a waitress calmly came up to Miyavi; she layed his sesame chicken on the table. Looking down as he had his hand also leaned on his forehead; he avoided looking at her. Trying to get a look at him she was sure it was him but didn`t say anyhting just in case. Saying rather coldly from having a headache Miyavi shushed her off with a ``Thank you is that all?`` After she began walking away he quickly glanced up seeing someone across from him looking at him. Seeing he did not give off a long good look all he could think was, oh crap...I didn`t think anyone was sitting back here...I don`t want to start a scene.... .

Shinya was too tired, and too drunk, to start anything. He just tilted his head to the side, and peered rather obviously at Miyavi. Now that Shinya had looked up, he became noticable as being..well..Shinya, but no one was paying attention to him sitting there in the dark. But the drummer was happy that way. So, he continued to blatantly stare at Miyavi curiously.

Miyavi looking down broke his chop sticks in half and knew sooner or later he`d have to put his head up. Stiring around his food blandly he looked at it and suddenly the chicken didn`t seem so moist and delicious with sauce as it would normally seem to him. Looking up he jumped a bit in his skin as he saw the person was still staring at him. Simply sitting and gawking back himself he realized it was a familiar face but could quite put his finger on it. Minding his own buisness he picked up a peice of chicken and bit into it gently. He couldn`t help but keep glancing up...after all there was an odd person staring at him.

Shinya laughed as Miyavi gawked back at him, can you blame him? he was drunk. Anyway, he prodded his noodles with his chopsticks boredly, and then began to twirl them between his fingers like drum sticks, gaze back on the mysterious person who he thought so familliar.

As Miyavi always looked up the person was still staring blankly at him. Finally he finished eating the small amount of food and squinted at him. Being the way he was he simply walked over skooted out a chiar, and ploped himself down saying. ``Okay first of all ~ A. Do I know you? B. Why do you keep staring at me. and C. Same as before you look familiar...`` Miyavi always was blunt and to the point. And by this time of day; annoyed as he was from his headache; he was extreamly impatient. Looking at what the other person was eating at the table he was a bit suprised to see so many emty beer bottles.

Shinya was quite glad at the bluntness of the other man, otherwise Shinya wouldn't have said anything. "a, maybe...b, because you look familliar and c wasnt a question so I can't answer it." He giggled a little. "I'm Shinya," he said, turning to face Miyavi fully. He almost added, drummer of dir en grey, but didn't because had slipped his mind wtihin a millisecond.

``Hmmm...Maybe eh?`` Miyavi thought to himself I know I`ve heard this guys name and seen him before but i cant just put my finger on it....AUUGHH THIS IS SO ANNOYING! Moving his bangs out of his face he put his hand out a little adding ``My name is....`` suddenly he thought to himself crap I don`t want anyone who may not know who I am to know right here and now today.... I`m just too tired to deal with it. I`ll tell him my real name. ``My name is Ishihara.`` He said kind of blandly and obviously not telling the whole truth. Miyavi looked around still on his last edge about someone walking by and being a spaztic fan. Last thing he wanted on a bad day like this was a crowd or the popratzi.

Shinya blinked. "" he said, not even able to remember that name for the millisecond after it was said. "But.. I swear I know who you are." he mused out loud. And then the light bult went off. "Oh!" he gasped, and grinned, "I know who you are..." but he didnt say it.

Miyavi stared blankly and gawked a bit. ``SHHH!!!!`` He looked around hoping no one was around still and then looked at back at Shinya again. ``Are you in the music industry?.....because I swear I know you from somewhere...Don`t hit me if I`m wrong but......`` Miyavi lowered his head and hushed to a whisper for no one to hear. ``You`re from Dir en Grey right?.....`` Looking aroudn he was suprised Shinya didn`t show any signs of sickness or slurred speach from all the drinks he ha had... but boy could you tell by the smell on his breath. ``By the way...are you okay..? It looks like you`ve been drinking a lot..``

Shinya nodded, "Yeah I am." he said towards the dir en grey comment. And Shinya had a high alcohol tolerance, after all he did drink a lot. "And, so what if I have been drinking a lot." Shinya sure was talkative, the alcohol always did it to him.

Miyavi squinted a bit due to he didn`t drink TOO often. Even when he did he always got terrably odd and sadistic after one drink. ``Well...`` Suddenly as Miyavi looked over he qucikly turned around as a small group of about 3 girls sat down at a table not to far from Shinya and himself. Putting his hood on he felt more annoyed than ever. Looking over at Shinya he wasn`t sure how he handled those situations.

Shinyas gaze turned to the group of girls, and his expression changed a little. "Fangirls?" He asked to miyavi, looking back at him and smiling a little. "You deal with those often?" He questioned, wondering how miyavi delt with fans. Shinya normally went quiet, signed autographs and smiled.

Miyavi looked back at Shinya with a look of ``PLEASE SAVE ME`` Looking back at them and then back quickly at Shinya he answered. ``I have no problem with them but today just isn`t the kinda day where I want to hear high pitched squeals. They can also get agressive at times.`` He said sighing. ``Lets just say I don`t feel to good to be dealing with this today. Laying his head down he almost whined wanting to get out of the place but didn`t know how to manage so without being seen.

Shinya smiled coyly, "if you like.. I'll distract them and let you have a clear way out," Shinya offered. Even drunk, he was pretty level headed. So, without waiting for a response, Shinya got up and approached the three girls who, in seeing him, began squealing and asking for his autograph and the like.

Miyavi; shocked that Shinya would do something like that for someone he had just met, didn`t know what to do. Not wanting Shinya`s efforts to be for nothing he steadily and slowly walked out the door paying for his meal. Wanthing to thank Shinya and not seem TOO much like a coward, he sat down right outside the door waiting for him to exit.

Well, Shinya finally detatched himself from the fangirls and pushed the door out, exiting. He turned and there was Miyavi. "Oh.." he said, as he saw the other and smiled softly, wondering what the man was still doing there, waiting for more fangirls maybe? *winkwink*

Miyavi smiled feeling a bit better after getting a wiff of some fresh air. Bowing lightly he smiled at Shinya `` Oh no if that happens what ever will I do?!`` He said in a smal girlish voice. `` But seriously, thank you Shinya`` He said bowing again. ``I think I need some rest and a nice good nights sleep...But it was wonderful meeting you.`` Miyavi looked through his pockets till finding a piece of paper. ``Feel free to call me sometime. Might be cool to hang out with someone in a differant band.`` Miyavi said with a giggle. As he wrote down his number and handed it to Shinya.

Shinya took it and looked at it. "Okay." He said, smiling softly, almost blushing. it was not every day someone told him he would be fun to hang out with. well, he hadnt said that exactly but whatever.

Smiling Miyavi waved saying a quick ``Bai Bai~`` And was off walking on his way home.
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